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Furtenbach Adventures – Success

Furtenbach Adventures – Success

Furtenbach Adventures used the Summit Elite System for their recent Everest Expedition, here?s what they had to say about it;

This was our first commercial Everest Expedition and it was successful. Our team consisted of 6 clients, 2 guides, a camera team for a filming project and 14 sherpas. A key factor for success on any Everest expedition is the oxygen system. We were looking for the best available system on the market as we provide our clients only the best service. We opted to use Summit Oxygen?s Elite system, as it is the best system available. It is easy to use, has very efficient and comfortable masks, is the lightest system available and is 100% safe and reliable. We had no malfunction, no failures or any problems. We will definitely stick to this system for our next Everest Expedition.

Lukas Furtenbach
Founder Furtenbach Adventures