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Summit Oxygen provides two systems in Tanzania; our ALTOX Personal Oxygen System for Kilimanjaro and our Medical Emergency Oxygen System for Kilimanjaro and remote bush camps where medical assistance could be hours away.


Summit Oxygen developed the Supplementary Oxygen System used for the Everest Skydive project which has now been widely adopted by civilian drop zones. The system includes an integrated communications system with record function.


Summit Oxygen developed a range of Supplementary Oxygen Systems to enhance and support military operations at high altitude. Used by Helicopter Pilots and Aircrew, Pararescue Operators and the Special Operations Forces Community.

Summit Standard System

Our Summit Standard System consists of our Himalayan Oxygen Cylinder, Himalayan Regulator and Himalayan Facemask all developed specifically for the extreme high altitude mountaineer. Our Standard system is so called because this is the traditional way oxygen systems have been designed for use on the mountain, with the flow of …

Summit Elite System

Our Summit Elite System is designed to offer greater flexibility for the experienced high altitude mountaineer, guide and Sherpa. The advantage of our Summit Elite System is the ability to change the flow rate from the shoulder mounted flow selector, rather than from the regulator mounted on the cylinder. Our …

Everest Silicone Nasal Cannula

   The Everest Silicone Nasal Cannula is 100% silicone making it softer, more comfortable and healthier than standard PVC cannulae. Emits no dangerous gases like PVC Softer on pressure points (ears and cheeks) No plastic smell Stays soft even at low temperatures Guaranteed to last at least 1year Available in …

Emergency Oxygen Systems

An emergency oxygen system is an essential item of safety equipment for travel in Tanzania. Oxygen is used to treat a whole host of medical emergencies, scorpion and snake bites, in addition to altitude related problems experienced by so many trekkers on Kilimanjaro.Summit Oxygen has a large stock of ultralight …