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ALTOX Personal Oxygen System

ALTOX Personal Oxygen System

During a trek on Kilimanjaro it is likely that more than 75% of trekkers will experience at least some form of mild altitude sickness. This is caused by a failure of the body to adapt quickly enough to the reduced level of oxygen in the air at the increased altitude. This type of sickness is known as altoxia, a term which is used almost exclusively for Kilimanjaro, since this is the only commonly trekked mountain where these extreme altitudes are encountered so quickly.

Altoxia can have many different symptoms, the most common being headaches, light headedness, nausea, loss of appetite, vomiting and a mild swelling of the face, ankles and fingers. These symptoms can be rather unpleasant, can add a new and unnecessary dimension to the adversity faced by trekkers and can really take the shine off the experience. However, in this mild form altoxia does not generally have serious consequences and normally disappears within 48 hours The symptoms of altoxia should be largely if not completely relieved by the use of our ALTOX Personal Oxygen System.

ALTOX Personal Oxygen System delivers a precisely measured dose of oxygen at the leading edge of inspiration. Oxygen is delivered via our super comfortable silicone nasal cannula, rather than a facemask.

An ALTOX Personal Oxygen System comprises two oxygen cylinders, a pulse dose meter, a flow indicator and a nasal canula. Mountain guides are all fully trained on how to deploy the system, making it easy and simple for the trekkers to use.

The first oxygen cylinder is used to allow you to become familiar with the system at the lower altitudes and also for rest and sleep the night before you depart for the summit. This not only eliminates the symptoms of altoxia but also increases your chances of summiting.

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