Summit Oxygen provides two systems in Tanzania. The first is our ALTOX Personal Oxygen System which is available for trekkers on Kilimanjaro looking to increase their chances of summit success.

The second system is our medical emergency oxygen system which is available to support professional local operators on Kilimanjaro and also for remote bush camps where medical assistance could be hours away.

Altox Personal Oxygen System

Our ALTOX system

During a trek on Kilimanjaro it is likely that more than 75% of trekkers will experience at least some form of mild altitude sickness.

The ALTOX Personal Oxygen System is a supplementary oxygen system designed to assist trekkers during their ascent of Kilimanjaro, thus greatly increasing their chances of success..

Emergency Systems

Emergency Systems

These systems are designed to meet the medical needs of the high altitude wilderness environment.
Whether your clients are climbing Kilimanjaro and are exposed to extreme high altitude or they're on safari hours from the nearest medical facility or airstrip, a reliable and modern medical emergency oxygen system is a vital piece of safety equipment.